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A high quality toilet should have the following specs:

-High quality of lamination and color.

-Well functioning while flushing out.

-Well functioning of the floating pump.

-Well functioning of the toilet seat.

High quality of lamination and color:

High quality of lamination and color comes out of the quality of raw materials used in the toilet body and is also dependent on kiln temperature of the body and the lamination inside the kiln.It also depends highly on the zirconium silicate which causes the glossy and shiny quality of the body lamination. To avoid this expensive raw material of zirconium silicate, most available products in the market have milky or beige body colors.

It should be noted that zirconium silicate causes higher quality of the body too and prevents depositing of germs on the body for long years. Hence, the products of the manufacturers who do not use this material will show deposits of germs during the use period which will never shine again.

Well functioning of the flush out:

In general, toilets have 3 models flushes in their structures: Wash Down, Siphonic and Siphonic+Water Jet.

Base of Wash Down:

The Wash Down function is based on the high pressure of water which is released suddenly from the top round of toilet towards downward and causes sudden movement of water in the toilet flush tank.

Advantages of Wash Down models:

In the Wash Down model the least opening of the flush outlet is 70mm which occasionally increases to 100mm.Because of the high inner diameter of the outlet pipe of the Wash Down toilet, during usage which can be up to 30 years in some cases, it will not be subject to blockage caused by tissues or similar materials.

Disadvantages of Wash Down models:

1. In Wash Down models, use of water is by 20% more than the other models.

2. The sound in Wash Down models during flush out is more than the other models.

Basis of Siphonic model function:

Functioning of Siphonic model is based on creating a whirlpool or rotation of water inside the toilet bowl and a circular movement kf water inside the flush pipe like movement of a bullet in a rifle pipe. In this Siphonic model, the opening of the outlet pipe of the flush is max 45mn.

Advantages of Siphonic models:

1. Less use of water in Siphonic model: In this model, the use of water is by 20% less than the Wash Down model.

2. The sound created in Siphonic model is 20% less than the Wash Down model and is similar to Siphonic Water Jet model.

Disadvantages of Siphonic models:

The biggest disadvantage of the Siphonic model is the smallness of its outlet flush pipe which causes the sensitivity of this type of toilet to materials like tissues, cloth and the other similar materials which cause blockage of these models of toilets.

Basis of Siphonic+Water Jet functioning Models:

In Siphonic +Water Jet system, like Siphonic system part of water enters in the flush pipe toilet bowl in a rotary form. The rest of water enters into the toilet flush by a pipe which lies straight in parallel to the inlet opening of the toilet flush. In this model, because of division of water(65% siphonic, 35% shooting) the strength gained by the rotation is reduced and it is transferred to the second part which is the same water jet.

Advantages of Siphonic Water Jet:

1. The flush out functioning of this model is a little better than the Siphonic model.

2. The sound in this model is like Siphonic model but less than Wash Down model.

3. In this model, the use of water is like Siphonic model but less than Wash Down model.

Disadvantages of Siphonic +Jet Models:

1. In this model, the outlet opening of the toilet is max 45mm which makes if susceptible to items like tissues, cloth and the other such items in such a way that the toilet is sometimes blocked by even one leaf of tissues.

2. Because of the shooting system in this model, in case of shooting pipe not being parallel or having a negative slant in proportion to the inlet flush pipe, the materials in the flush out toilet are returned to the shooting pipe which causes blockage in the course of time and also malfunctioning of the whole toilet system.

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